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Discover Yupo.

Spicers premium synthetic stock Yupo® was know to be a feature packed stock but its uses were not fully realised in the minds of potential customers. It’s probably one of the most versatile papers on the market. It’s waterproof, flexible and some varieties scan stick to just about anything… then be peeled right off. Spicers, one of Australia’s leading paper merchants carry the biggest range and approached us to better engage customers and ultimately increase Yupo® sales by 20%.

Showing designers and printers, rather than telling them about Yupo®’s qualities was always going to render a better result. And be fun. Through the commonality of discovery of the great outdoors, the promo took on the form of a ‘field guide’, a guide to discover all things Yupo®. Beginning with a map, Inside are real life examples of Yupo® in action… luggage tags for durability, labels that are waterproof, wristbands that are 100% recyclable. Every item was produced uniquely to demonstrate the paper's ability to hold ink, coatings and embellishments.




Identity—Packaging—Campaigns—Print communication—Copywriting—Illustration


The promo was cleverly divided into colour-coded sections: Specifications, Retail, Travel, Adventure and Emergency. Each section demonstrated how the Yupo® characteristics behave under different circumstances.


The promo demonstrated how the stock offers extraordinary beauty, strength and flexibility.


“An energetic piece, ingeniously designed by Aer Design”—Spicers


A specifications ‘map’ inside the promotion contains all of the essential information needed to begin the journey with Yupo®.